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If your depression causes sadness and absence of involvement with your daily life, then this therapy is designed for you.

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If you feel your kids need help with life challenges, they’re welcome to attend this therapy session & overcome obstacles.

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Ups & downs are part of everyone's life. If you need help in dealing with post-divorce tantrum, join this therapy session.

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Finding the right healthcare plan is an important decision to your physical, mental and financial health. Here, we make it effortless by providing you access to quality health coverage in you me area. As one of the country’s leading healthcare alignment companies, we connect you with the industry’s best coverage options as we strive to provide top-tier health insurance at an affordable price. We pride ourselves over our customer service and convenience, along with our innovative care plans in order to provide you with the optimal healthcare enrolment experience.

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Peril is always lurking and is unpredictable. Protect yourself and/or your family before you become statistic! Over 60 percent of Americans are filing for bankruptcy each year from medical-related bills. Don’t go into the world unprotected. Whether you’re covering for yourself or your loved ones, or you just need to find a better option, give us a call or send us a message and let us do the rest!


Coverage for a single person
  • Pay per Session
  • Expandable up to two hour
  • Online session available
  • Heal pains from the past


Covereage for you and you spouse
  • Pay per Session
  • Expandable up to two hour
  • Online session available
  • Heal pains from the past


Coverage for the whole family
  • For the ones who matter most the best care available
  • Expandable up to two hour
  • Online session available
  • Heal pains from the past

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Psychotherapist, Medinova Hospital in California

Hi there! I’m a psychotherapist in designation and working in this field for more than 7 years. Before joining here I’ve worked on two mental health care center’s. I can help you by putting other perspectives on your problems. If you need assistance, make an appointment right away.

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